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Reinforcement profile 08-1

Reinforcement profile is used in PVC window systems. It is installed into existing PVC chamber profile and prevents deformation of window frame during operation and defends from external factors – temperature fluctuations, wind loadings. Reinforcement profile is made of up to 2 mm thick for different PVC window profiles. 

Thicknesses (mm.) 1,2;  1,3;  1,4;  1,5;  2.

08-1 Армирующий усилитель-en

08-1 armuusshiy-usilitel-1

08-1 armuusshiy-usilitel-2

08-1 armuusshiy-usilitel-3

08-1 armuusshiy-usilitel-4

08-1 armuusshiy-usilitel-5